Lily Pad Procession

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What is a Valleyfest Lily-Pad Procession?

  • How do I explore, celebrate, and share this parade?
      1. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, take pictures of the porches you find, and tag us on social media to help share the joy! (@SpokValleyfest, #ValleyfestLilyPadProcession)
      2. The more people that take part, the more celebration there is to share, so get your friends and neighbors involved

Lily Pad Procession Maps

Ness Lily Pad Procession

Bowdish Rounte Lily Pad Procession

Sunrise Lily Pad Procession

East Valley Lily Pad Procession

  • How do I see the Valleyfest Lily-Pad VIP Procession?
    1. Sit back, relax on your beautifully decorated porch, and let the Valleyfest Lily-Pad VIP Procession come to you!
    2. On September 26th, the Valleyfest Lily-Pad VIP Procession and some very special guests will visit select Valleyfest Lily-Pad Porch neighborhoods in their cars to say thank you for taking part in this inspiring community event.