Volunteer at Valleyfest

Valleyfest is brought to you by community volunteers. The event happens because the people in the city of Spokane Valley love to gather and enjoy the beauty that surrounds them. Valleyfest is a grand civic celebration with 200 committed citizens who produce over 20 events each year. You can join us!

We need people to entertain lost children at the first aid station, assist with loading equipment to the entertainment stages, check people in at one of the multi-sports events, fishing at the Falls, the list goes on and on. Volunteers serve on committees that work throughout the year to guarantee festival fun and safety for everyone.

If you are interested in volunteering during Valleyfest please fill out the form below.

See you in September at Mirabeau Point Park, CenterPlace Regional Event Center, and Plantes Ferry Sports Complex.

Volunteers 2022.